The next generation of hybrid location technology and solutions for IoT

Nestwave's advanced solutions integrate into IoT modem and DSP devices enabling high performance, low power location capability at a fraction of the cost of dedicated positioning chipsets



Today’s advanced IoT device designs are limited by the performance, cost and hardware-centric architecture of GNSS and terrestrial-based positioning solutions.

Nestwave unlocks new opportunities by eliminating the need for dedicated positioning chipsets, improving accuracy and reducing power dissipation. Our solution is ideal for demanding IoT use cases such as asset trace and track for logistics, Industry 4.0, smart city and consumer applications.

A better location solution, purpose-built for IoT modem and DSP vendors


Hybrid Signal Combining

By receiving and processing GNSS, cellular and WIFI positioning signals, Nestwave delivers improved location accuracy in a wider variety of challenging conditions.


Ultra Low power

Optimized for low cost,

battery-powered IoT devices, Nestwave algorithms reduce the time-to-first-fix by as much as 10x compared to conventional solutions, resulting in far lower power consumption.


Novel Signal Processing

Advanced multipath mitigation, ranging and multilateration algorithms bring new levels of accuracy and coverage  for positioning in urban canyon and low signal, indoor environments.


Low Cost

By integrating Nestwave IP inside wireless modem silicon, key baseband and RF functionality is shared between data and location functions, eliminating the need for dedicated positioning chips and transceivers. 

Flexible architecture combines the best of on-chip, edge and cloud processing

Modularized location services can be located in the device or in the cloud, optimizing power and performance and enabling new, upgradeable service capabilities for the end-user.

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